ARCCAAustralian Restoration and Carpet Cleaning Association (Australia)
ARCCAArmy Reserve Clinical Credentialing Affairs (US Army)
ARCCAArmy Reserve Centralized Credential Agency (US DoD)
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ARCCA uses the peer review process to "ensure the expert has covered all aspects of the loss and that the report is clear and reads well, along with making sure nothing was missed during the inspection phase.
We chose Bull as a supplier for ARCCA because we were impressed with the quality and expertise of Bull's cluster design and technical knowledge.
ARCCA, a Pennsylvania engineering firm hired by ABC, tested fifteen seat belt buckles installed in most American cars using a standard industry test for buckle safety called a "ball test.
The Gen3 buckle "failed every single time," according to ARCCA.
Editor's Note: This article has been contributed by Wayne Denham, BSME, a senior engineer at ARCCA, Inc.
ARCCA was then retained to review the matter and determine if the damage to the vehicle was consistent with the description of the loss.
Old Symbol New Symbol Class A Common Stock LZZRA ARCCA Class A Warrants LZZRW ARCCW Class B Warrants LZZRZ ARCCZ Units LZZRU ARCCU
ARC Capital's common stock is traded on the Nasdaq Stock Market under the symbol ARCCA.