ARCCOArtist-Run Centres and Collectives of Ontario (Canada)
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The ARCCOS product features a set of virtually weightless smart club sensors that easily attach to the grips of each club.
The proprietary ARCCOS Tour Analytics platform is powered through an extensive partnership with Peter Sanders, "the father of golf statistics" with more than 25 years of experience and provider of statistical analysis for PGA Tour players including Zach Johnson.
Evaluates intriguing playing patterns by showcasing the players' entire golf history using ARCCOS that in turn helps them refine their on course tactics
For numerical computations the expressions [phi] = ACOS(x/r) if z[less than or equal to]0 and [phi] = 2[pi]-ACOS(x/r) if z[less than or equal to]0 must be used, where ACOS(x/r) is the principal value of arccos (x/r).
1] = R arccos (cos [phi] cos[DELTA][lambda]/2)sin [phi]/[square root of 1 - [cos.
8) X = 1/2 R[2 arccos (cos [phi] cos [DELTA][lambda]/2) cos [phi] sin [DELTA][lambda]/2/[square root of 1 - [cos.
C] = 1/[Omega] arccos (x) = 1/[Omega] arcsin ([square root of 1 - [x.
Furthermore, this DVD clone software has the power to support Sony ARccOS corrupted sector.
n](x) := cos(n arccos x) are the Chebyshev polynomials of first kind.
1] = arccos (1/[square root of 3]), the points constituting the set M(1), i.
Later, more DVDs attempted to augment CSS with additional protection schemes like ARccOS Protection, which was made by Sony and deliberately creates corrupted sectors on the DVD so as to cause copying software to produce errors.