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ARCEAmerican Research Center in Egypt
ARCEArchives and Research Centre for Ethnomusicology (American Institute of Indian Studies)
ARCEAmphibious River Crossing Equipment (French)
ARCEAssociation Rwandaise pour la Creation des Emplois
ARCEAssociation Recherche Climat Environement (French)
ARCEAutomated Red Cell Exchange (sickle cell disease)
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Julissa Arce is an immigrant rights activist, speaker, writer and chairman of the Ascend Educational Fund.
Ettenberg asked Officer Arce if police learned later that another adult was in the truck at the time of the accident.
In response to the earthquake in 1992, ARCE partnered with USAID to administer grants that promoted the conservation and preservation of Egyptian antiquities.
Arce, associate professor of astronomy at Yale, said that if they can see these interesting features for this 'run-of-the-mill' protostar, we should expect to see similar features in other protostars.
In his new role, Arce will be based in Mexico City and will report to Bernardo Parnes, CEO of Deutsche Bank Latin America.
Arce, for his part, said that the parliament will support the implementation of the industrial and economic projects in a bid to help strengthen political ties between the countries.
We have expressed our interest in buying some airplanes and helicopters of Iranian manufacture, which are basically for training," Arce was quoted by LA Herald Tribune as saying.
Guatemala has a similar story: the president and his entourage are suspect of having engineered, facilitated, or encouraged the killing of Hugo Arce.
Unfortunately for Arce, most of the blood spilled Saturday was his.
The Mexican pair contested this title in April 2007 and it was Mijares who took Arce to school, winning an easy decision.
Most of the Hispanics that work there are my parishioners," said Father Arce.
Visitors to the home and workshop of Martiniano Arce enter a world where their aesthetic sensibilities are quickly put to the test.