ARCENTUS Army Forces, US Central Command (US DoD)
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Upon their arrival in June 2013, the 1AD's HQ assumed C2 of CF-J consisting of elements from the ARCENT staff, subordinate units, and the Division's HQ in support of our partner building relationship with our Jordan.
The third phase (Phase III), Enduring Operations, will mirror Phase II's functional approach in that CDDOC and ARCENT will maintain program management and execution responsibilities, respectively.
To orchestrate movement requirements, the sustainment staff hosted daily synchronization videoteleconferences that were attended by transportation officers from the USCENTCOM Deployment and Distribution Operations Center, ARCENT, USF-I staff, U.
Despite becoming functional only in the weeks before the ground offensive kicked off, the ARCENT G2 made tremendous strides in establishing an operational intelligence system.
Central Command's service component command SJA's (AFCENT, ARCENT, MARCENT, NAVCENT, SOCCENT) and all the various military justice practitioners in theater.
J4 also benefits from organizations like ARCENT Support Element - Iraq (ASE - I) and Defense Logistics Agency - Iraq (DLA - I).
ARCENT wants to ensure that as the number of route clearance teams in OEF increases, deploying team members are trained to do this tough mission.
As the Single Port Manager for seaports in the AOR, the 595th accomplishes its mission supporting deployment and redeployment of unit cargo, assisting the warfighter with Deployment and Distribution Support Teams, supporting the ARCENT and Marine Corps Class VII Retrograde Program.
The USAES Directorate of Environmental Integration assisted ARCENT CFLCC environmental staff in writing and sponsoring an operational needs statement to address waste oil generation as part of operational activities.
Brigadier General Robert Frix (later Major General), Deputy Commander of ARCENT, was designated the Commander, Task Force Freedom, in recognition of the criticality of this mission.
In Kuwait, the 14th HRSC offered tailored support to a host of HR elements, ranging from the Third Army/ ARCENT G--1 and military mail terminals, to the theater gateway operation, to casualty liaison teams and human resources operations branches, which support expeditionary sustainment commands and sustainment brigades.