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ARCHESAssessment and Rehabilitation of Central European Highway Structures (EU Specific Targeted Research Project)
ARCHESAbrupt Climate Change Studies
ARCHESAquinas Roman Catholic Home Education Services (est. 1995; Wyoming, MN)
ARCHESAssociation de Réflexion, de Communication Hospitalières et Éducatives pour la Santé
ARCHESAppui aux Recherches sur la Contextualisation et l'Harmonisation des Enseignements Secondaires (French: Support for Research on Contextualization and Harmonization of Secondary Education)
ARCHESAdvocates to Revitalize Cultural and Historic Elgin Sites (Elgin, IL)
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Wide galleries ran all around the four sides, whose Moorish arches, slender pillars, and arabesque ornaments, carried the mind back, as in a dream, to the reign of oriental romance in Spain.
If you will look at the balls of your fingers-- you that have very sharp eyesight--you will observe that these dainty curving lines lie close together, like those that indicate the borders of oceans in maps, and that they form various clearly defined patterns, such as arches, circles, long curves, whorls, etc.
There was a grass-grown track descending the forest aisle between hoar and knotty shafts and under branched arches.