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ARCHIEArchive Server
ARCHIEAutomated Resource for Chemical Hazard Incident Evaluation
ARCHIEA Reliable Computer/Human Interaction Environment
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I couldn't possibly have stayed and enjoyed myself knowing Archie was missing.
Despite his strength and continual fight against the disease, Archie sadly passed away shortly before his second birthday in February 2013.
Archie completed the course in memory of his mother, Georgina Lavin.
In a nutshell, Archie gets shot when he throws himself in front of a stalker to protect his friend, a gay senator who has introduced gun control legislation.
Jon Goldwater, whose father started the company, said that he grew up with Archie and he never thought he'd see this coming, so it's probably the most important moment in the history of this company, CBS News reported.
The first match is between Luf's and Archie with the winner to face Red Dragon in the next match to determine the opponent of Carlos Sports.
There has always been a strong connection between Archie and Gretchen.
Medics have removed tendon from his right foot to his left to ensure Archie can walk straight.
The new digital offering from Archie Comics and iVerse marks a significant shift in how publishers are making their premium content more widely available to consumers.
Born with a disorder affecting his nervous system, mum and dad Lauren and Bradley had hoped Archie would win his battle with Tay-Sachs disease long enough to be there for the birth of his new sister.
Archie, who lives on the Sychnant Pass, Conwy, visited the town's lifeboat station last weekend and presented Lifeboat Operations Manager David Howard with the cheque.
Furious Archie moved his business out of Merry Street to nearby Scott Street.