ARCICAnglican-Roman Catholic International Commission
ARCICArmy Capabilities Integration Center (US Army)
ARCICAccident Rehabilitation & Compensation Insurance Corporation (New Zealand)
ARCICAnglican and Roman Catholic Communions
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With that it also means that ARCIC III will both seek to model this process in its own work and seek to stimulate similar processes at all levels of the lives of the churches through creating appropriate consultation documents and resources.
More recently, some segments of the Anglican Communion have departed from the common biblical teaching on human sexuality--already clearly stated in the ARCIC document "Life in Christ"--by the ordination of openly homosexual clergy and the blessing of homosexual partnerships.
Reath has provided a number of helpful appendices which address several of the ARCIC documents.
Colmar Brunton Research (1993a) Literature Review on Adolescent Alcohol/Illicit Drug Related Injuries, ARCIC, Wellington.
Colonel Paul Roege, Director, Operational Energy Integration, ARCIC, US Army
24) The union of husband and wife, the ARCIC text "Life in Christ" explains, is "grounded by God in human nature and [is] a source of community, social order, and stability.
The ARCIC also develops concepts, providing strategic and operational direction, and evaluates capabilities needed for the future force in operational environments in support of combatant commanders.
22) For example, ARCIC II, "Life in Christ: Morals, Communion and the Church" (1993), in GA II, pp.
39) In its second statement on "Authority in the Church" (Windsor 1981), ARCIC listed a range of Petrine texts from the New Testament (nos.
He was able to reassure the pope, he said, that "we still as Anglicans thought we were in the same territory that ARCIC had inhabited.
As co-chairman of ARCIC, the Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission, he truly believed that they had reached agreement on the Eucharist and on Ministry, discarding Catholic criticism that on the part of the Anglicans it was mostly smoke and mirrors.