ARCISSAssociation of Research Centres in the Social Sciences (UK)
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Mogae, will be regarded as a promoter of further delays of ARCISS implementation for the wrong sake of continuation of war and suffering.
The Trioka countries have already asked President Salva Kiir Mayardit to reverse the EO#36/2015 of the 28 new states for South Sudan and are urging the SPLM-IO to not hold the ARCISS hostage as the JMEC's Chairman will use his Veto Powers soon to defer it if Kiir doesn't act quickly in the set time.
Festus Gontebanye Mogae for his first day in office that demonstrated the beginning of Phase II of ARCISS Implementation.
He will be the main engine for directing the implementation of the ARCISS.
He will remind the leaders of South Sudan, especially the SPLM warring factions, to apologize unconditionally to the people as required in the Preamble of the ARCISS.
The mercenaries from Sudan shall be warned not to meddle in fueling violence and looting in the territory of South Sudan any more, otherwise, they will risk getting disarmed as provided in ARCISS.
After all these reminders, President Mogae will officially practice his Veto Powers in accordance with Chapter Seven of ARCISS and warn the leaders of South Sudan not to temper with the agreed Supremacy of ARCISS and Procedures for Amendments as stipulated in Chapter Eight.
The provisions enshrined in the ARCISS and TCSS are paramount, and should form the ground-level from which some of these convictions/beliefs are justified for higher interest of the country rather than for those few elites who engineered the 28 States for the cover up of parochial interests of their ethnicities.
Now the safe exit lies in faithful implementation of ARCISS as a supreme document even if it is not a Bible or a Quran, so as to bring back the sanity of peace to the saddened and embattled Republic of South Sudan .