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ARCNETAttached Resource Computer Network
ARCNetAir Reserve Component Network
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The simulation models for ARCNET and Ethernet have a structure similar to the one shown in Figure 3.
token circulation overhead in MS/TP and ARCNET protocols, and message collision overhead in Ethernet).
ARCNET (ATA 1992) is a token passing protocol that supports a range of data transmission rates (156.
Performance Analysis of BACnet Services in ARCNET Networks
Another product of the ARCNET family introduced is the ARCNET IP Core.
When companies want to introduce a solution for the communication of several intelligent embedded systems, the choice is the ARCNET technology, a safe, less expensive alternative, regardless what hardware.
In 1982, ARCNET was the first telecommunications company to break away from commercial A&E projects and created the first wireless site on the East Coast for the AMPS division of AT&T.
Even though there are more than 8 million embedded ARCNET nodes in industrial networks, it is still considered a best-kept secret.
Jack Fried, staff engineer at Brookhaven National Laboratory, contributed his famous "Generic ARCNET Board" design with complete documentation, schematics, and software.
Klos Technologies' PacketView, a LAN protocol analyzer supporting Ethernet, Token-Ring, ARCNET, FDDI.
The CD is available free-of-charge from the ARCNET Trade Association (plus shipping and handling) by calling the ATA at 630-964-4280.