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ARCNETAttached Resource Computer Network
ARCNetAir Reserve Component Network
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Given that ARCNET and MS/TP networks only have 254 unicast addresses available, what if there is more than one device with a particular address?
ARENA Modules Developed for Modeling BACnet LANs Module Function Description Simulation Set the simulation time environment and the number of replications Common module Ethernet environment Set the simulation parameters for Ethernet ARCNET environment Set the simulation parameters for ARCNET MSTP environment Set the simulation parameters for MS/TP Application layer Message generation Schedule the generation module of BACnet messages Statistical analysis Collect and analyze statistical information Ethernet node Ethernet node model Hub Ethernet hub model LAN protocol module ARCNET node ARCNET node model Master node MS/TP master node model Slave node MS/TP slave node model
The simulation models for ARCNET and Ethernet have a structure similar to the one shown in Figure 3.
token circulation overhead in MS/TP and ARCNET protocols, and message collision overhead in Ethernet).
ARCNET (ATA 1992) is a token passing protocol that supports a range of data transmission rates (156.
Performance Analysis of BACnet Services in ARCNET Networks
This section evaluates the performance of BACnet services over ARCNET networks.
Message length of request and reply frames is 25 bytes and 30 bytes, respectively, including frame overhead of the ARCNET protocol.
The company has developed leadership positions in its select markets by providing application-specific solutions such as mixed-signal embedded controllers, non-PCI Ethernet, ARCNET, MOST([R]) and Hi-Speed USB.