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ARCOAtlantic Richfield Company
ARCOAssociation pour la Recherche Cognitive (French: Association for Cognitive Research; est. 1981)
ARCOAssociate of the Royal College of Organists (UK)
ARCONational Area Commodore
ARCOAssociate, Royal College of Organists
ARCOAirborne Remote Control Officer
ARCOAntigen-Reactive Cell Opsonization
ARCOAdaptive Resolution CODEC
ARCOAuto Rétro Club de l'Orne (French: Vintage Car Club of Orne; Orne, France)
ARCOArmy Requirements Control Office
ARCOArtificial Remanufacturing of Cylindrical Objects
ARCOAuxiliary Resources Control Office
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Atherton will offer the financing programs to ARCO branded Contract Dealers through loan origination offices located in the Western U.
ARCO executives outlined the company's plans exclusive of the Union Texas acquisition, which could be completed as early as the third quarter of this year.
Last April, ARCO announced its intention to withdraw from the coal business because it was no longer regarded as part of the Company's core business.
Some of the important risk factors, but not necessarily all such factors that may cause expectations or results to differ, particularly as to reserves, production, earning and cash flow are: consummation of the acquisition of the ARCO assets; state and federal government and third-party approvals; the price of oil; interest rates on financing; production results; environmental laws and the cost of compliance with such laws; legislative, tax and regulatory development; and the integration of ARCO personnel, business systems and operations with those of the company.
The Notes were structured so that ARCO would retain the first 12% in stock price appreciation above the $24.
As head of External Affairs, Ken helped ARCO establish a reputation for concerned, aggressive participation in the environmental, political and community issues affecting the company and the industry," said ARCO Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Mike R.
Headquartered in Denver, ARCO Coal Company owns the Black Thunder and Coal Creek mines in Wyoming, the West Elk mine in Colorado, and, through Canyon Fuel Company L.
Corporate customers for DCP's multimedia products include ARCO, a worldwide producer, refiner and marketer of petroleum products; The Limited and Intimate Brands Inc.
We had some real hesitations and reservations, but we kept seeing our costs go up, and we had to pass them along,'' Paul Langland, director of public affairs for Arco parent British Petroleum said Thursday.
Elected officials, city staff and community leaders in Carson have been very supportive of the project and are looking forward to its successful operation in the city," said Walter Neil, External Affairs Manager for ARCO.
Another Arco department store in Queens operates as Kings Department store.
These are apparently the first food grades of SMA on the market, though Arco has other clear Dylark materials.