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ARCORAssociation for Radio Controlled Oval Racing
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De acordo com o depoimento, a Arcor do Brasil definiu como objetivos da campanha de MRC: "reforcar o posicionamento da marca de chocolates infantis Tortuguita e, com a arrecadacao do produto, contribuir com o Projeto Tamar-Ibama, na continuacao de suas atividades em Ubatuba [.
located in Diepholz, Germany, close to Bremen, is presently checking a potential infringement upon its patent rights by Arcor Inc.
Mannesmann Arcor will operate the network for Deutsche Bahn AG, Germany's national railway operator.
In addition, Arcor purchased equipment for the production of chocolate coated alfajores (two gingerbread slices with a filling).
Arcor plans to take its ice cream to the rest of Latin America as part of a $170 million expansion in 2006 and 2007.
75bn from the value of its investments, principally from its stake in Arcor.
Inc, and Germany's second-largest telecommunications service provider, Mannesmann Arcor, have teamed up to offer a free online news service to Germany's more than eight million internet users.
Of Germany's big three, only Mannesmann Arcor - an alliance that includes AT&T and the German railway - launched long-distance telephone services for businesses and residential customers at the start of the year.
The level of convergence Arcor is obtaining over Global Crossing's robust global IP VPN platform includes complex applications, such as JD Edwards (AS/400 and JD Edwards One World), supply chain management as well as their front and back office functions creating a seamless business environment across all of their operations.
Cramer today announced the successful deployment of its inventory-powered automation solution at Arcor AG & Co.
Arcor says it will handle imports and exports of $300 million a year.
The German industrial conglomerate Mannesmann enjoyed an increase of around 50% in its pre-tax profits last year, with its telecoms division (including Mannesmann Arcor in Germany and its investments in fixed and mobile telephony in Italy) making a major contribution to the result.