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ARCOSAssociation for Rehabilitation of Communication and Oral Skills (UK)
ARCOSAutomation of Reports and Consolidated Orders System (Drug Enforcement Administration)
ARCOSAmericas Region Caribbean Optical-Ring System
ARCOSAuckland Region Coronary or Stroke Study (Ministry of Health; New Zealand)
ARCOSAutomated Roster Callout System
ARCOSArea Cosine (trigonometry)
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Several features of the ARCOS also increase usability.
New World Network has a unique hybrid ownership structure whereby the leading 28 carriers in the region are co-owners in the ARCOS cable system.
Designed for use in the most demanding elemental analysis applications in industry, science, and academia, the new SPECTRO ARCOS easily surpasses the performance limitations of conventional ICP-OES instruments - dramatically improving sensitivity, stability, and precision, while lowering operating costs with the introduction of innovative components, unique capabilities, and optimum flexibility.