ARCRAssociation of Residents of Costa Rica
ARCRAaron, Riechert, Carpol & Riffle (Redwood City, CA law firm)
ARCRAnterior Regional Coronary Resistance (heart health)
ARCRAcid Rain Control Regions (climate)
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In the case of the new Member States, it is true that at the (not only) substate level, the development of a team, which ideally would have extensive experience from multiple levels of representation of local and regional interests (city/kraj, UTMCR/ ARCR, possibly ministerial positions, or even direct experience with EU institutions, particularly the Committee of the Regions), is a long-term project.
The ARCR can't control how information internally flows through the kraj.
In addition to homing in on population-based differences in drinking patterns and the health and social outcomes of alcohol misuse, this issue of ARCR examines numerous variables that influence these differences.
ARCR has an established history as a trailblazing company.
The ARCRs are statistics which combine the historical information contained in longitudinal change rates with the compositional information conveyed in the proportions of different categories.
The insights summarized in this issue of ARCR present researchers and clinicians with opportunities to devise new interventions or refine existing ones to target the immune system and better manage alcohol-related diseases.