ARDEAnnual Review of Development Effectiveness (World Bank)
ARDEArmament Research and Development Establishment (Pune, India)
ARDEAlianza Revolucionaria Democrática (Spanish: Democratic Revolutionary Alliance; Nicaragua)
ARDEAcción Republicana Democrática Española (Spanish: Spanish Democratic Republican Action)
ARDEaspect ratio dependent etching
ARDEPublishing and Logistics Systems Management Section (US Marine Corps)
ARDEAssociazione Romana di Entomologia (Italian: Rome Entomological Association; Italy)
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Representative from ARDE briefed the Committee regarding its (ARDE) research, development and functions.
He said that presently, ARDE had engaged private industries for development purpose.
He said that ARDE was interacting with academic institutions for research and development purposes.
By accessing Data Dimension's Ardes 2k database, companies can determine exactly what is Year 2000 compliant and what is not.
We've pooled our expertise, knowledge and vendor relationships into the Ardes 2k Vendor Review database and can save companies thousands of hours in research and planning.
As the world's leading provider of millennium planning and update services, we brought over five years of consulting experience on the Year 2000 issue to the development of ARDES 2K," commented Larry Martin, chairman and CEO of Data Dimensions.
ARDES 2K is shipping on CD-ROM, with updates and software available via the Internet.
The company has launched an aggressive ARDES 2K Provider Program to license this technology to user organizations and third-party providers, and from which the company will receive royalties based on licensee's millennium revenues.
In addition to consulting, the company licenses its proprietary millennium update technology, ARDES 2K.
The company also licenses its proprietary millenium update methodology, ARDES 2K(TM), to user organizations and third-party providers.
ARDES 2K provides guidelines for each of these phases, delivered through CD-ROM, telephone and Internet dial-up support, and printed documentation.
In addition, Data Dimensions announced a new licensing program that will make its ARDES 2K millennium business process solution available to third-party providers which include computer and software companies, systems integrators and consultants.