ARDEAnnual Review of Development Effectiveness (World Bank)
ARDEArmament Research and Development Establishment (Pune, India)
ARDEAlianza Revolucionaria Democrática (Spanish: Democratic Revolutionary Alliance; Nicaragua)
ARDEAcción Republicana Democrática Española (Spanish: Spanish Democratic Republican Action)
ARDEaspect ratio dependent etching
ARDEAssociazione Romana di Entomologia (Italian: Rome Entomological Association; Italy)
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The addition of ARDE to Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne enhances our offering of superior quality, leading edge products and services to our customers," said Jim Maser, president, Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne.
The amount of money that appears to have gone to support the ARDE was minimal,'' Block said.
In addition, Data Dimensions announced a new licensing program that will make its ARDES 2K millennium business process solution available to third-party providers which include computer and software companies, systems integrators and consultants.
Training Solutions 2000+ is a series of state-of-the art, interactive technology training courses based on Data Dimensions' Ardes 2k product, a CD-ROM and Internet product that provides a step-by-step framework for fixing wide-ranging and complex Year 2000 software problems.
Ardes 2k Risk Manager covers the full-spectrum of business risk and contingency planning issues, so it also answers a user's questions and provides guidance about next steps or alternate plans.
Because the nation's small businesses are at risk, Data Dimensions is offering Ardes 2k Optima(TM), a new product designed specifically to help small and mid-sized businesses prepare for the Year 2000.
The Ardes 2k Vendor Review provides ongoing reviews and reporting, as well as unlimited Internet access to the Vendor Review database which enables companies to track vendors' progress on millennium conversions and compliance.
Ardes 2k Optima covers information on IT issues, but because smaller organizations generally have less of a mainstream IT focus, it also provides assistance in such critical areas as planning, vendor and supply chain management, risk analysis and business continuation.
provides high-quality, knowledge-based and tool assisted millennium consulting services based on the company's proprietary business process methodology, ARDES 2K.
The only comprehensive, interactive product to address all aspects of the Year 2000 issues, Ardes 2k now features an enhanced graphical interface, making it faster and easier to navigate, a visual checklist that provides quick scanning of project progress and a search engine that lets users search for specific items, topics or files located throughout the Ardes 2k Processes.
Integrating the most advanced Year 2000 processes into a single product, ARDES 2K is the most complete package of planning guidelines, software assessment tools, automated reporting mechanisms and project management methods available on the market today.
Martin said that Ardes 2k, a revolutionary CD-ROM and Internet-based product launched in April, "is starting to become an important component to our business -- both as a stand-alone product and as an integral part of the package we sell that also includes consulting and conversions.