ARDECArmament Research, Development and Engineering Center (US Army; Picatinny, NJ)
ARDECAutomotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (US Army)
ARDECAgricultural Research, Development and Education Center (est. 1993; Fort Collins, CO)
ARDECAgence Rwandaise pour le Développement et la Coopération
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Leveraging our nearly 25-year partnership with ARDEC, SUBSYSTEMs will bring a wide range of domain knowledge, mission expertise, best practices and next-generation capabilities to Life Cycle Supportability Division, said Subsystem s Defence Division director Indra Nayee.
If there were differences, the leadership agreed that unless the law dictated the difference, ARDEC would adapt its process to meet the ERP approach.
Engineers at ARDEC work with researchers at the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) on several of these projects.
In March of 2007, when the Army's project managers for Crew-Served Weapons and Cargo Helicopters agreed to a proposal by ARDEC to design the new mount, Javorsky had already been mulling over ideas.
Using tools such as Capability Maturity Model Integrated Level 5 software development processes for software quality enhancement, user verification and validation, and stress testing, the MFCS-D and other current software-intensive system developments undertaken at ARDEC are providing soldiers critically needed, well-engineered, and well-tested products developed in a short amount of time.
ARDEC is the Army's principal researcher, developer, and sustainer of current and future military armaments systems.
Experiment with prototype systems under realistic conditions (at the ARDEC lab), emulating operational situations and simulating weapon systems, thus demonstrating that useful effects can be achieved.
Through this contract, they will provide LRED, ARDEC with proven successful support services for logistics engineering and product support analysis of munitions and weapons systems as they are developed.
One of the engineers is Vinny Leto, systems project engineer, of the Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center, or ARDEC, Weapons System Technology Directorate.
Communications, Electronics, Research, Development and Engineering Center, ARDEC
ARDEC engineer Eric Goon designed the new concepts, the first of which is a coupling, or pivoting, used to connect grenade ammunition cartridge loops.
Graber works in the Firing Tables and Ballistics Division, ARDEC.