ARDMSAmerican Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers
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This review text consists of a mock exam that covers the topics on the adult echocardiography exam outline published by ARDMS (American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography), for those preparing to obtain the Registered Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographer credential.
Martin's ARDMS certification, patients are assured VVC provides the highest quality treatment for venous disease as well as evaluation for acute swelling and the possibility of an acute DVT.
Intended for RDMS and RDCS candidates who plan to take the ARDMS specialty exam in fetal echocardiography, this work offers a mock exam based on the fetal echo specialty exam outline published by ARDMS.
The book also contains a list of all cards cross-referenced to the task-oriented ARDMS Ob/Gyn exam topics.
com/online/ to be directly transmitted into the user's ARDMS transcript.