ARDPAmerican Rare Donor Program (American Red Cross and American Association of Blood Banks)
ARDPAustralian Railway Detail Photos
ARDPAgriculture and Rural Development Project (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
ARDPAccelerated Rural Development Program (Botswana)
ARDPAirborne Radar Data Processor
ARDPArmy Requirements Development Plan
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The collaboration between our new ARDP fund and Iberdrola Perseo will help to ensure that technologies are selected that have direct application for industry.
The ARDP is a joint program of the AABB (American Association of Blood Banks) and the American Red Cross Blood Services that coordinates the process for locating and procuring units of rare blood and maintains a registry of rare donors.
The expected results of the ARDP actions are the direct planting of 1240 dunums (or 124 hectares), the establishment of scientific and technical governance examples of good practices, and the fostering of stakeholders' participation.