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ARDSAcute Respiratory Distress Syndrome
ARDSAdult Respiratory Distress Syndrome
ARDSAssociation of Racing Drivers’ Schools (UK)
ARDSAdvanced Range Data System (Multi-Service Target Control System)
ARDSAirborne Research Data System
ARDSAuxiliary Radar Display System
ARDSAccunet Reserved Digital Service (AT&T)
ARDSAutomated Resources Directory Service
ARDSArmy Regional Directory System (Defense Message System)
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Backstopping activities for ARDS by M&E TWG are strengthened.
Despite the attention received by ARDS over the years, a dismal clinical outcome continues to be associated with this syndrome.
Its lead product, CR001, has shown promise in animal studies as an anti-thrombosis treatment and pre-clinical disease testing of CR014 is expected to be fast tracked for ARDS and neurological indications.
ARDS primarily affects the lungs by causing the lungs to become stiff or non-compliant.
ARDS is believed to be the result of inflammatory reactions involving both neutrophils and macrophages.
He added: "With the annual incidence of ARDS at more than 100,000, we anticipate that use of the 3100B in adult ARDS may save several thousand lives, or the population of a small town, in the United States every year.
The trial employs Discovery's proprietary sequential bronchopulmonary segmental lavage technique via bronchoscopy with Surfaxin(R) in adults with ARDS.
ARDS 4-4-2: Fox 7 - Murphy 6, Nixon 6, Bailie 7, Scannell 6 - Cleary 6, Hunter 7 (McKeown 73, 6), Young 6, Campbell 7 - FEENEY 9, Kennedy 6.
There are no effective therapeutic agents currently available which prevent or treat ARDS after injury.