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ARECAAgricultural Research and Extension Council of Alberta (Canada)
ARECAAlaska Rural Electric Cooperative Association
ARECAAnimal Referral Emergency Center of Arizona (Mesa, AZ)
ARECAAtelier Rectification Culasses d'Aquitaine (French: Grinding Cylinder Heads Workshop of Aquitaine; Aquitaine, France)
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Areca trees surrounded the guesthouse, blocking most of the natural light.
Areca nut, jaggery and a variety of spices were hauled out of here on bullock-carts.
Then 200 collected samples were divided by randomized double blind control trial for 50 patients in 4 groups as follows: 50 patients treated with placebo as a control group, 50 patients treated with Mebendazole 500mg as an experimental 1 st group, 50 patients treated with Thai Traditional Herbal Formula (TTHF) as an experimental 2nd group and 50 patients treated with Areca catechu Lin.
In an areca nut grove, she gave birth to a daughter Sonne.
Though largely consisting of the ingredient areca nut (the seed of the Areca catechu palm), the common additive betel leaf (from the Piper betle plant) has led to the mixture's current labeling.
For these ceremonies, young, inexperienced, first time parents depend on the resources provided for them by their parents and grandparents who, for example, planned for their descendants by planting stands of sago, coconut and areca (betel nut) palms for them.
Areca palm Likes high humidity to avoid those ugly brown tips - a great kitchen plant.
People typically chew betel as a quid consisting of nut pieces from an Areca catechu palm mixed with powdered lime (calcium hydroxide) and wrapped in the leaf of the pepper plant Piper betle.
Initially betel leaves and pieces of areca nut were the major ingredients of this quid and tobacco was added subsequently.
ARECA-Alaska's Electric Association ARECA is the trade association for