AREDFAbsent or Reversed End Diastolic Flow
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In the AREDF group the most likely cause of death was severe placental insufficiency, in 2 cases due to severe pre-eclampsia.
We found AREDF to be associated with a poor outcome, intrauterine death occurring in 18.
Management according to resistance index (RI) RI management <P75 No further tests unless new clinical indication P75-95 Repeat after 2 weeks No CTG No ultrasound >P95 Weekly Doppler Weekly CTG AREDF Admit to hospital Daily CTG Ultrasound Individualise management <P75 = less than 75th percentile for gestational age; P75-95 = between 75th and 95th percentile; >P95 = above 95th percentile; CTG = cardiotocography; AREDF = absent or reversed end-diastolic flow.