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AREDSAuckland Regional Economic Development Strategy (New Zealand)
AREDSAssociation of Rural Education and Development Service (India)
AREDSAge-Related Eye Disease Study
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Exploring Recent Developments in Research: Beyond AREDS
We are excited and pleased to be first to the market with our Visual Advantage AREDS 2 product," said Macular Health CEO Jeffery McAnnally.
The AREDS 2 is an ongoing multicentre randomised controlled trial designed to evaluate the effect of supplemental lutein and zeaxanthin (and/or omega-3) with respect to the progression of AMD.
With the removal of all dyes and a transition to more natural ingredients, Lipotriad Visionary has become one of the best eye vitamins available to consumers concerned about macular degeneration, while still maintaining our position as the lowest cost per serving, AREDS 2 vitamin available on the market.
The release of the AREDS II results confirm that the ingredients, lutein and zexanthin effectively replace beta carotene in the AREDS formulation and are key in slowing vision loss due to AMD.
AREDS 2 (Age Related Eye Disease Study) is an important five-year clinical study that demonstrated positive results for dietary zeaxanthin and lutein in terms of reducing the progression to advanced AMD in study subjects when added to the original AREDS vitamin formula.
A later study, called AREDS2, tested the addition of omega-3 fatty acids to the AREDS formula.
Yet many AREDS supplements still have EPA, DHA, beta-carotene, and high doses of zinc.
Because none of these differences was statistically significant, the authors concluded that lutein, zeaxanthin, EPA, and DHA did not increase the efficacy of the original AREDS formula.
This study sought to determine if adding lutein + zeaxanthin, DHA + EPA, or both to the AREDS formulation decreases the risk of developing advanced AMD and to evaluate the effect of eliminating beta-carotene, lowering zinc doses, or both in the AREDS formulation.
A secondary goal was to evaluate the effect of eliminating beta carotene, lowering zinc doses, or both in the AREDS formulation.