AREMAll-Random Easy Mode (gaming, Dota Allstars)
AREMAvian Richness Evaluation Method
AREMAuditory Rare Event Monitoring Task (substance abuse)
AReMAlliance for Retail Energy Markets (California)
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As in the previous paper (CORREIA & van AREM, 2016), the UO-POAVAP is applied to a small city in the Netherlands, Delft, in the province of South Holland.
In relation to the previous paper (CORREIA & van AREM, 2016) in this one, we double the travel demand (137,280 trips).
us ne th a a " She said the actual number of abuse cases could be higher, citing a recent EU-wide study which showed 70% of Irish women who experience domestic violence areMs not reporting it to authorities.
Tenders are invited for Providing electrical poles including cross arems in 10th ward prakeshnagar(south area), gandhinagar, dollasnagar, bapanaiahnagar areas in tadepalli municipality under s.