AREPAircraft Repair Enhancement Program
AREPAlliance for Responsible Energy Policy
AREPAtmospheric Research and Environment Program
AREPAuxiliary Winding Regulation Excitation Principle (standby generators)
AREPArmy Reserve Expeditionary Package
AREPAveraged Relativistic Effective Potential
AREPAgricultural Research, Extension Project
AREPAir Refueling Egress Point
AREPAutomated Reliability Estimation Program
AREPAerospace Research Education Program
AREPAddress Reply
AREPAffiliated retail electric provider
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AREP will comprise: (i) an investment holding company (HoldCo), which will pool investors funds and use them to acquire income producing commercial properties in target African countries; and (ii) an asset management company (ManCo), which will manage HoldCo s assets on commercial terms.
AREP testing participants have reported seeing the performance impact with temperature glide as small as 1[degrees]C (1.
WestPoint also represents the first time AREP, a diversified company with interest in real estate, gas, oil and gaming, has invested in the home textiles business.
The intent of the Low-GWP AREP is to help industry identify the most promising refrigerants, understand technical challenges, and determine the research needed to use these refrigerants.
Regardless of the outcome, AREP will have control of the company through the board of directors and equity," said Lorraine Miller, senior vice president of investor relations at WestPoint Stevens, adding that documents are currently being prepared for the stock-rights offering.
Although the AREP task force and technical committee are made up of American industry leaders, participants in the program include such European and Japanese concerns as Grasso Stacon, Sabroe, Hitachi and Mitsubishi.
Zamil Central Air Conditioners is scheduled to present the complete research results at the upcoming AHRI Low-GWP AREP Conference in Orlando, Florida, USA, on January 21, 2016.
The Yanmar-powered G40-IIIA and John Deere-powered G60-IIIA generators will feature a combination of Stage IIIA engines and Leroy Somer AREP alternators.
System Drop-in Test of R-410A Alternative Fluids (ARM-32a, ARM-70a, DR-5, HPR1D, L41a, L-41b, and R-32) in a 5-RT Air-Cooled Water Chiller (Cooling Mode), Test Report 001 of the AHRI Low GWP AREP.
The new TGV station at Aix en Provence, designed by AREP, has a dramatic wave-like roof and a huge east-facing glass-fronted departure concourse.
Representatives of CalSTRS and Lear shared a conference call regarding the proposed merger between Lear and AREP on June 18, 2007.
Both models will be fitted with optimised powertrains, featuring a combination of Stage IIIA engines and Leroy Somer AREP alternators.