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ARESEARM Enhanced Shortwave Experiment
ARESEAtmospheric Radiation Measurement Enhanced Shortwave Experiment
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Fiat has invested heavily to instil quality and reliability, while styling by the Arese team of Walter de Silva has given Alfa a car to kidnap buyers from BMW.
Abubakar Abba Bello and Ms Arese Alonge were appointed Executive Directors.
The museum is located in Arese, around 20 minutes from central Milan which is more popular for tourists.
His elder brother, Renato II (161-385), brought further additions through his marriage in 1652 to Giulia, daughter of Bartolomeo, conte d' Arese (1610-74).
It is a sports coupe in the Alfa tradition,designed by Bertone in collaboration with Alfa's styling maestros at Arese in Milan.
Seventeen of Alfa's most famous and prestigious cars are being shipped from the company museum at Arese, near Milan, to take centre stage.
The Call Centre in Arese (Italy) with its new state-of-the-art NCR system is set to improve customer satisfaction levels and reduce 'time to service' in several of our automotive and financial services activities," said Marco Petrini, System Integration Manager at Fiat.
Demand for the GTV, styled by the famous Italian design house Pinninfarina, and built in small numbers at Alfa's Arese plant outside Milan, has been relatively encouraging since its launch two years ago.
Electrosource will design and produce HORIZON(R) advanced batteries in a new European standard size to accommodate the advanced electric vehicle requirements set by FIAT's Minimum Environmental Impact Division in Arese, Italy.
CoreRatings has been formed by the management of two of Europe's leading corporate responsibility research companies, London-based Global Risk Management (founded in 2000) and Paris-based Arese (founded in 1997).
This amount will be credited by bank transfer at the Bank BCC Barlassina - Agency Arese - c / c payable to Gesem Srl - IBAN IT20Z0837432440000015650083