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AREVAdvanced Revelation
AREVAlternative Rouge et Verte (French: Alternate Red and Green; political party; est. 1989)
AREVAlthea Rosea Enation Virus (microbiology)
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Among the major principles and objectives noted in the conclusions drawn by Agriculture Commissioner Mariann Fischer Boel and the Director-General for Agriculture Jean-Luc Demarty with a view to sustainable reform, AREV highlights increased responsibility of operators regarding the quality and volumes of products, increased aid for vineyard restructuring, the extension of subsidiarity both to the member states and the regions, an improvement in knowledge of the market (data and analyses) with the aim of reacting more quickly, getting better information to consumers taking account of health aspects, and keeping the wine-growing industry going in less-favoured area (mountains, etc.
It took longer than expected since it was an environment that he was not familiar with and the AREV database needed to be normalized for SQL.
The exchange of views on the wine sector covered the role of AREV and that of interprofessional organisations, promotional activities, the environmental factor in vineyard cultivation and the effect of moderate wine consumption on health.