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AREXAgricultural Research and Extension
AREXDepartment of Agriculture and Rural Extension (Zimbabwe)
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In July last year, AREX conducted its training in Clark, Pampanga.
AREX bring together the major players from industry, technology, finance and government, required for speeding up commercial opportunities in the renewable energy and clean technology sectors.
Albert A Rehan, CEO of United Consortium, Global event organizer and renewable energy company and host of AREX 2015, said, As a result of ambitious energy targets, countries in the region are incentivizing the rapid scale-up of renewable energy.
Main objective of the AREX is to offer delegates unmatched insight about the expanding renewable energy market opportunities in East Africa and Africa as a whole.
However, the maximum speed of the KTX linking Seoul Station and the international airport will be restricted, with the journey taking 47 minutes, as the high-speed train will be using the same railroad track as the slower AREX trains.
According to the railroad operator, its top speed will be restricted, as the KTX will utilize the same railroad track as the slower Airport Railroad Express AREX trains.
The KTX will reach the airport from Seoul or Yongsan stations in nearly an hour, similar to conventional AREX trains, it said.