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ARFFAttribute-Relation File Format
ARFFAircraft Rescue Firefighting Facility
ARFFAir Reserve Forces Facility
ARFFAircraft Rescue and Firefighting Foam
ARFFAircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting
ARFFAirport Rescue and Fire Fighting
ARFFAnimal Rights Foundation of Florida
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In the next phase the given ARFF file has been analyzed using two techniques such as quantitative analysis (K-means and Apriori) using Weka and qualitative analysis using hyperResearch.
vector" converts a file from ARFF (Attribute-Relational File Format) to a sequence file.
The external representation of an Instances class is a ARFF file.
Due to the changes in ARFF responsibilities, we're in the midst of a transition, and our team is getting used to operating the new equipment," said Darren Anderson, Assistant Airport Director at Hector International.
The data representation in WEKA is realized using the ARFF (Attribute-Relation File Format) file format, which is a text file that contains a list of instances and a set of attributes.
Data processing and preparation of ARFF files that are recognized by the WEKA software.
Classrooms, which will be topped by an observation deck overlooking the training area, will be available for ARFF exercises.
As the year progresses, we anticipate a slow recovery in the North American oil and gas pressure pumping market, with more robust demand coming from traditional sectors such as commercial marine, legacy military and ARFF markets.
We believe that a new, improved system will increase reliability and add features that reduce response times for ARFF personnel.
Successfully managing the delivery logistics of these Striker ARFF vehicles is a major accomplishment.
They are managed by the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) which has acquired 62 Rosenbauer Panther ARFF vehicles, 28 large pumper trucks with a 16,000 litre capacity and 60 AT (AluTechnik) rescue pumper trucks.
First quarter results were driven by organic growth for our products in existing markets, primarily fueled by oil and gas demand, but also from aftermarket, industrial, and ARFF markets.