ARFIAcoustic Radiation Force Impulse Imaging (ultrasound)
ARFIAlabama Reading First Initiative
ARFIAddiction Research Foundation of Italy
ARFIAIDS Research Foundation of India (Tamil Nadu, India)
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The MOU also grants cross membership to both ME-IRS and ARFI for their members, said Olga Rink, ARFI's executive director.
to pursue a product prototype that will combine traditional ultrasound with ARFI.
ARFI may be able to tell the difference between hard and soft tumors, Trahey indicates.
ARFI may be able to distinguish between hard and soft tumors, which would be useful in guiding treatment decisions.
The study results indicated that ARFI might provide a new tool for screening patients at increased risk for liver cancers.
Despite the advent of static elastography and ARFI, there is still interest in using vibratory stimuli to produce high-quality stiffness images of various organs.