ARFORGENArmy Force Generation (US DoD)
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14) While the Foundry Program will remain the Army's premier intelligence training program and the cornerstone of the IWfF support to the ARFORGEN process in the future, many of the instructors will be Soldiers, not the civilians and contractors who have dominated the Foundry workforce over the past 10 years.
The ARFORGEN process is the structured progression of unit readiness over time to produce trained, ready, and cohesive units prepared for operational deployment in support of (ISO) the combatant commander (CCDR) and other Army requirements.
1) Use the Decision Support Tool in LIW, which displays the fill level of your organization, reflecting the ARFORGEN cycle.
The MSEs are FORSCOM entities with direct ties to FORSCOM Headquarters staff during the ARFORGEN process.
ARFORGEN, or Army Force Generation, is the system for organizing troop deployments, based on a rotation model.
A seamless system of RC dental readiness access (Figure 2) throughout the ARFORGEN cycle at no cost to the RC Soldier.
Campbell considers ARFORGEN sustainable, and said it will remain the Army's strategic process for force generation through the drawdown in Iraq and in the future.
This detailed level of accountability is what we go through to support the ARFORGEN.
Brigadier General Rodney Anderson, Director of Force Management under the Deputy Chief Staff, G-3/5/7, Department of the Army, who was previously deployed to Afghanistan with the 82d Airborne Division, addressed challenges of ARFORGEN that he observed first hand.
The ARFORGEN process does provide a temporary solution, but also delays fixing the problem.
An excess of tactical wheeled vehicle inventory due to over-procurement for modularity and ARFORGEN needs, declining OCO and supplemental war funding as deployed troop levels decline in Iraq and Afghanistan, a suspension in armor B-kit procurement for tactical vehicles, a lull in procurement as we wait for several major vehicle recapitalization programs and new vehicle platforms to ramp up, and overall National budget pressures will squeeze Department of Defense procurement funding.