ARGMAngus Reid Global Monitor
ARGMAfrican Rice Gall Midge
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The slim ARGM is also reinforced at the mouth with a thin, U-shaped piece of spring steel in the leather where it wraps around the curved front of the magazine.
The Model ARG Rear Guard and complemeeting Model ARGM magazine carrier are reinforced at the top with double leather and steel, ensuring a quick and easy one-hand re-holstering.
Topics to be addressed include: a threat update with briefings from MSIC and ONI; manned systems with briefings on the EA-18G by CAPT Mark Darrah, USN, deputy PMA-2650; the EA-6B by CAPT Ken Smolana, USN, PMA-234; and ACS by CAPT Steve Eastburg, USN, PMA-290; kinetic solutions with briefings on ARGM, by CAPT Mark Converse, USN, PMA-242; and JDAM and JSOW by CAPT Dave Dunnaway, USN, PMA-202; nonkinetic solutions with briefings by Jay Kistler (OSD) as well as the EA-18G Comm Jammer, by CDR Mark Durrah, USN, Deputy PMA-265; and TADIRCM, AT-3, HEL, and HPM, by CAPT Dwight Cousins, USN, PMA-272; Distributed Common Ground Systems (DCGS-N), by RADM Anselmo, USN (Ret.