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ARGSAppomattox Regional Governor's School (Petersburg, Virginia)
ARGSAlaska Rock Garden Society (North American Rock Garden Society)
ARGSArts Research Graduate School (Monash University; Australia)
ARGSAdvanced RADEC Ground System
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Caption: PERSPECTIVE TO PROBLEM SOLVE-Classrooms around the world recently played SCORCH, an ARG to solve a global pandemic.
The ARG expression canonical variables are included in the vector s, which is the result of the linear combination comprising the c vector (original ARGs expression) and the canonical coefficients vector as s = A'c.
Of particular interest in our study was the observation that some soils harbored an ARG, but no isolates from that soil that also encoded by the same ARG.
I set about writing the story that would drive our ARG.
This same collaborative and collective experience can be harnessed and captured by bringing transmedia ARG experiences into libraries and classrooms.
The river sediment samples taken downstream from a WWTP processing high volumes of antibiotics, as well as the effluent sample, had higher proportions of index-positive sequences due to elevated ARGs, plasmids, and TEs relative to the other samples (Figure 2B-2G; see also Supplemental Material, Table S1).
However, the ARG approach that is the focus of my article, is different from video games and simulation games.
While an ARG is similar to a scavenger hunt, a unique feature is "the immersion players experience because elements of the game world and real world overlap.
Closely linked to ARGs and immersive gaming, there's no es- caping the explosion we're going to see in mobile over the next 12 months.
Alternatively, since ARGs are different only in the part specifying the different digital content of interest, it is possible for Alice to generate ARGs beforehand and put them in a public place (e.
Many of these ARGs require participants to engage in real-world problem solving.
For the game based around "The Dark Knight," one of the most elaborate ARGs to date, some players were texted GPS coordinates leading them to bakeries, where they had to actually dig through cakes for clues.