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ARGVArgument Vector (PERL programming)
ARGVAccessibility Research Group for the Visually
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An artificial main function was added, which called the benchmark's main function, simulating the effects of argc and argv.
h> void main (argc, argv ) { int one= 1; /* number of task to spawn, use always 1 for time */ int Task[NUMTASK]; /* children task id array */ int i,j; /* Initialization of child parameters */ for (j=1, i=NUMTASK+1; i<=argc; i++; j ++) argvnn[j] = argv[i]; /* Parameter for each BP */ for (j=1; j <= NUMTASK; j ++) /* It spawns BP algorithm as is indicated in NUMTASK */ { argvnn[0]= argv[j]; one= pvm spawn("BP", (char **) argvnn, 1, PvmTaskDefault, 1, &Task[]-1]); if (one
ArgentVive plc is listed on the AIM market under the ticker symbol ARGV.