ARHCAffordable Rural Housing Commission (UK)
ARHCAndean Rural Health Care (Christian Connections for International Health)
ARHCAdvanced Reproductive Health Centers, Ltd. (Chicago, IL)
ARHCAndean Rural Health Corporation
ARHCAlaska Rural Health Conference
ARHCAdult Rat Hepatic Cytosol
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Several agents belonging to the group of ARHC solvents, such as styrene or agents deriving from benzene and toluene (pentachlorobenzene, trichlorobenzene, HCB, nitrotoluene), have been classified in the priority list of EDCs by the European Commission (European Commission DG ENV 2000).
For maternal exposure, a moderately elevated risk was observed among sons of mothers occupationally exposed to ARHC, particularly toluene, when analyses were restricted to mothers for whom the occupation was known in the year of or the year before childbirth.
Exposure Maternal exposure Cases n (%) Controls n (%) Aromatic hydrocarbon solvents (ARHC) Any of ARHC solventsb Unexposed 6,825 (97.
Programme staff visited all homes in the ARHC intervention and comparison areas at least once a year.
ARHC provided community-based comprehensive primary healthcare services in the intervention communities.
The clinics in the comparison areas were frequently closed unexpectedly and, when they were open, the use was modest compared to the use at ARHC facilities.
In 1992, ARHC documented that only 2% and 12% of children, aged 12-23 months, in Ancoraimes and Sipe-Sipe respectively had received the complete series of vaccinations (22).
In the comparison areas, the calculation of mortality rates was based on data obtained during household visits at least every four months during April 1992-March 1993, when ARHC first began working in these communities.
Costs relating to the operation of the national ARHC office in La Paz and costs relating to the operation of ARHC's international office in the United States were not included.
From the very beginning, this project was intended to be a joint effort, not only between ARHC and WFP, but also between these organizations and the residents of the village.
Some volunteer resident workers also resented the fact that ARHC had made arrangements to hire a carpenter to work on the project, while their work remained uncompensated.
Although temporarily disappointing, it didn't take long for ARHC healthpost director, Marie Elaina to invoke her "board of education" influence, (a wooden two-by-four) to get the system repaired and restored to its protected state.