ARHIAppalachian Rural Health Institute (Ohio University)
ARHIAirborne Radioactivity Hazard Index
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They also looked at genes known to play a role in hearing loss and identified two additional genetic variations linked to ARHI.
The findings also highlight the utility of large cohorts with matched genomic data and electronic health records for revealing the underlying genetic basis of ARHI and other disorders.
While you may be able to adjust initially by using visual clues to follow conversations, as ARHI progresses these compensatory measures become ineffective," she explains.
Many older adults are unaware they have ARHI because it's such a slow and insidious process as we age.
Gandy emphasizes that it's important to keep in mind that while ARHI may be one modifiable risk factor in the early stages of dementia, the findings don't demonstrate cause and effect.
Expression of the tumor suppressor gene ARHI in epithelial ovarian cancer is associated with increased expression of p21WAF1/CIP1 and prolonged progression-free survival.
While ARHI isn't dangerous, it is progressive, and because it's gradual you may not be aware it's happening.
An audiologist can confirm whether you have ARHI, but because it's irreversible, treatment focuses on compensating for the loss.
In addition to monitoring ARHI, this will ensure that any medically treatable cause for hearing loss--such as a buildup of ear-wax--will get picked up.
151-154) Finally, the expression of ARHI seems to be a prognostic factor for disease outcome in pancreatic endocrine neoplasms, (155) whereas expression of clusterin, ghrelin receptor, utrophin, and cyclin D1 do not relate to tumor aggressiveness.
Low expression of ARHI is associated with shorter progression-free survival in pancreatic endocrine tumors.