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ARIASArchives Records Information Access System
ARIASAmelia Residents in Action for the Symphony (Florida)
ARIASAIDA (Association Internationale de Droit des Assurances) Reinsurance and Insurance Arbitration Society (non-profit group)
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Four of the five arias follow an instrumental ritornello with an "aria" section for one or two voices and a concluding five-part chorus.
2) Gwyneth McKinzie appeared on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno," and Monday she's set to perform an aria from Mozart's "Magic Flute" on "The Oprah Winfrey Show.
Arias faces opposition in his party Arias does not have unified support from PLN leaders as three other presidential candidates have already emerged for the 2002 election: Rolando Araya Monge, Antonio Alvarez Desanti, and Corrales.
Then I found out that it takes five or six years to get a tree planted," says Arias.
Arias says good documentation is a part of his firm's culture and is almost second nature for his staff.
I want everyone's healing to begin, and everyone's pain to stop," Arias said.
The user can also specify finding arias with sound files, translations or texts of the arias attached.
A concept album in the best sense, this disc pairs Fleming with sumptuous operatic arias (most from long-forgotten works) that were familiar to legends like Emmy Destinn, Maria Jeritza and Rosa Ponselle.
Inside are four pages of story synopsis and the role the arias play in the story.
In a roundtable discussion with the UPS Latin America team, LATIN TRADE Editor-in-Chief Mike Zellner gets the lowdown from Thomas F O'Malley, vice president of cargo; Al Benki, senior vice president of Fritz; Joseph Guerrisi, managing director of UPS Capital; Hugo Paredes, vice president of UPS; John Menna, vice president of marketing for UPS; and Mike Arias, managing director of UPS Logistics Group.