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ARICAtherosclerosis Risk in Communities (Study)
ARICAssociation pour la Recherche Interculturelle (French: Association for Intercultural Research)
ARICAsia Recovery Information Center
ARICAlliance for Rational Intercarrier Compensation
ARICAppliance Recycling Information Center
ARICAcid Rain Information Clearinghouse
ARICATM Radio Interface Card (Newbridge)
ARICAssociate of the Royal Institute of Chemistry
ARICACBAR Resource Information Center
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Therefore, we performed the current analyses to examine (a) whether cTnT and NT-proBNP improve the ARIC HF risk prediction model (8); (b) whether simple models incorporating only age, race, sex, cTnT, and NT-proBNP (laboratory report model) perform as well as the ARIC HF model (clinical model); and (c) whether specific cTnT and NT-proBNP cutpoints can be identified to help improve prediction of HF risk.
In another recent ARIC analysis, a separate group of investigators showed the 20-year incidence of cardiovascular disease was only one-tenth as high in subjects with six of the ideal cardiovascular health components as it was in those with none.
However, these ARIC findings "certainly tilt the scale" in favor of physician counselling on a case-by-case basis that patients consider making alcohol part of a heart-healthy diet, provided they don't use certain medications or have a strong family or personal history of problem drinking, liver disease, or selected other health problems.
The PLAC test utilized in the ARIC study to measure Lp-PLA2 blood levels is available in the United States.
The ARIC study is a multicenter, cohort study of atherosclerosis and its sequelae among African American and white men and women from 4 US communities: Forsyth County, North Carolina; Jackson, Mississippi; suburban Minneapolis, Minnesota; and Washington County, Maryland (28).
A key component of the ARIC reentry initiative was the selection and implementation of a modern policy administration solution.
Douglas and her colleagues used the IMT imaging protocol laid out by ARIC investigators.
The ARIC study was based upon 12,562 middle-aged Americans who were thoroughly examined three times during an 8year period.
Of 12,881 adult ARIC participants aged 45-64 years who were not diabetic at baseline, 1,392 developed type 2 diabetes during 9 years of follow-up.
ARIC is a study of middle-aged predominantly African American and white individuals at four U.
This technology platform will implement a crime records information sharing solution, based on the Metatomix JDX platform, for the ARIC partners.
ARIC has largely been in run off since late 2007 when it entered into quota share reinsurance agreements with Hermitage Insurance Company (White Plains, NY) and its wholly owned subsidiary, Kodiak Insurance Company (Kodiak) (West Trenton, NJ), which effectively led to ARIC ceding off its earned premiums and associated losses and underwriting expenses as of October 1, 2007.