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ARIDActive Reviews for Intermediate Designs
ARIDAgriculture and Rural Income Diversification (India)
ARIDAddiction Recovery Information Distribution (website)
ARIDAssumptions Risks Issues Dependencies
ARIDArgon Replacement Induced Drying
ARIDAT (Adenine-Thymine)-Rich Interaction Domain (DNA-binding protein)
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The study further gives worrying statistics, where all 21 arid and semi-arid counties have experienced increase in temperatures in the last 50 years, with five counties surpassing the 1.
Both scientists also appreciated AZRI, Umerkot scientists to tackle the problems of arid, semi-arid agriculture of Thar and surrounding areas and develop technique of the best land use in the arid region of Thar.
Overall the Arid Varsity has been ranked as 340th among the top over 600 universities of the world and 113th in Asia with the total score of 4351 as per UI GreenMetric World Universities ranking.
Prof Dr Sarwat Naz Mirza, pro-vice chancellor in terms of section 15-A (2) and 14 (9) of the university act 1995, assumed the charge for the post of acting vice-chancellor of the PMAS Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi on temporary basis.
The program for the valorization of organic products in arid and semi-arid regions, which will continue until 2021 with total fund of 7.
One option to utilize arid land and saline groundwater sources not fit for human consumption, or agriculture, is by cultivating organisms that can withstand the high content of salt prevalent there.
Being dependent on snow melting, and rainfall agriculture and crop production related activities in and mostly semi-arid to arid agro-climate (Chaudhry, 2004), Pakistan could have proportional respond in term of resource productivity and dynamics to change in climate.
The conference discusses water resources in arid areas and their problems, whether conventional or unconventional sources, ways to tackle water pollution, water governance, economic and social aspects of water, drought policies, innovation and technology to cope with water scarcity and drought, water resources management for control of drought, integrated management of water resources in arid and semi-arid areas and conservation of water resources.
by Times News Service The four-day conference will discuss water resources in arid areas and their problems, ways to tackle water pollution, water governance, economic and social aspects of water, drought policies.
These fragile arid and semi-arid ecosystems are in urgent need of integrated conservation approaches for adaptation to climate change.
Launched by the Ministry of Presidential Affairs of the UAE last year, and overseen by the UAE National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS), the inaugural cycle of the UAE Research Program for Rain Enhancement Science has awarded three grants totaling just under US$5 million (AED 11 million) for a three-year period to three projects aimed at increasing rainfall in arid and semi-arid countries like the UAE.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian researchers studied the effect of silicon nanoparticles on the germination of various types of lentil which can improve the crop's stabilization in the early germination stage in arid and semi-arid regions.