ARIJApplied Research Institute - Jerusalem
ARIJArab Reporters for Investigative Journalism
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Rana Sabbagh, executive director of ARIJ, describes the conditions in her latest article for The Jordan Times.
According to ARIJ, 55 Palestinian houses were demolished by the Israeli authorities in occupied Jerusalem, where Israel aims through the demolition of homes to empty the holy city from its "native Arab residents".
On bypass roads, see B'Tselem 2004; Haaretz (August 9, 2004); ARIJ 2005; and Hass 2007a.
It was ARIJ that asked me to develop the manual [beaucoup moins que] story-based inquiry [beaucoup plus grand que] that has become a reference in many journalism universities in the world.
Zayat was one of the moderators in the 7th annual ARIJ conference for Arab Investigative reporters -- during the conference, Daily News Egypt asked him about the current status of journalism in Egypt.
The findings of the evaluation team reflect the personal and professional commitment of the board and staff of ARIJ, and the will of brave ARIJ journalists, editors and media professors to a free and independent media, which can assume the role of the Fourth Estate to promote accountability, transparency and justice," she said.
ARIJ is an independent, non-profit, inclusive organization, whose sole aim is to nurture a culture of investigative journalism across the region, among and by Arab media professionals and activists, for the benefit of the Arab public.
The displacement of Palestinians from the West Bank's main roads improves the appeal of the settlements by better integrating them into Israel," said Suheil Khalilieh, the head of settlement monitoring at ARIJ.
The report which covered Israeli violations in the occupied Palestinian Territory (oPt), from June 13, 2014 to April 15, 2015, ARIJ institute said that, Israel as an entity along with the Israeli settlers confiscated, destroyed, and seized for the so called military purposes around 415,266 dunums of Palestinian land in the West Bank.
Seymour Hersh, left with Yousri Fouda during a discussion panel at the 7th annual ARIJ conference in Amman
Asakreh dedicated his achievement to the Palestinian people, first and foremost President Mahmoud Abbas, also mentioning Palestine News Network (PNN) and its staff for providing technical support, especially cameraman Ali Adani, and the ARIJ Foundation for raising the standards of investigative journalism and for their efforts in making this work succeed.
Aswat al-Iraq had participated in an ARIJ contest with an article about female circumcision by journalist Dluban Birwari titled "Female Circumcision in KurdistanC*Painful Stories Searching for Ends" under the supervision of Editor Jezairy and Arabic Desk Chief Mohammed al-Rubaie.