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ARILASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) Retakaful International Ltd.
ARILAssociation for Religion and Intellectual Life (New York, NY, USA)
ARILAmiantit Rubber Industries, Ltd. (Saudi Arabia)
ARILAdvanced Retractable Injection Lances
ARILArrival Intermediate Location (rail car event movement code)
ARILAutomatic Return Item List (US Army)
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Jim Soss, CEO of Red Aril, explained, "Our objective is to give our customers an all-encompassing inclusive service that collects data, creates quality audience profiles, and optimizes performance.
Of course, I quickly learned that religion at ARIL is neither that of the Christian Right nor the New Age Left.
Most people crack the fruit open to eat the red juice-filled arils inside, discarding the membrane.
On his coach Aril Anthony's request, Pandey's father allowed him to try his hand at cricket for a year
During the past two months, temperatures have been high but dropped considerably in the last few days, Noori had said, predicting the snowfall would continue until Aril 2014.
Report A report on churchgoing in the UK published by Tearfund in Aril 2007 found that 15 per cent of the population go to church at least once a month.
Atienza shot the high series of 970 at the helm an Oger team that had Joselito Santillan on 875, Irene Aril 859, Jeffrey Sobreviga 856 and Mario Cantina 799.
every morning and know that lam not just an employee, I aril part of a team.
The letter thanked the company for participating in the tender process held on Aril 11, 2013, and declaring JAB as the winner for the Exploitation Permit concerning Area No.
The election campaigns ended on Aril 11 with opinion polls showing that Maduro, Chavez's hand-picked successor has a double-digit lead over Capriles.
Andy Lees, the development officer, is running drop-in sessions on Aril 18 and April 19 for local residents and businesses to come and help shape proposals.
In July 2011, a group of scholars attended the ARIL Coolidge Research Colloquium in New York City to explore the Intersection of Religious Pluralism and Jewish-Christian Dialogue.