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ARILASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) Retakaful International Ltd.
ARILAssociation for Religion and Intellectual Life (New York, NY, USA)
ARILAmiantit Rubber Industries, Ltd. (Saudi Arabia)
ARILAdvanced Retractable Injection Lances
ARILArrival Intermediate Location (rail car event movement code)
ARILAutomatic Return Item List (US Army)
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The present study has demonstrated that MC aril extract could improved the changes of the testicular StAR protein, androgen receptor (AR), and tyrosine phosphorylated (32-, 34-, 49-kDa) proteins expression in VPA-treated rats.
Four qualitative traits were recorded with diverse phenotypic classes including peel color (green red, yellow red, red), aril color (white, light pink, pink and red), seed hardiness (soft, semi-hard, hard) and juice taste (sour, sweet-sour and sweet).
After agitation, the material was filtered through synthetic fabric and processed for 5min in an Experimental Decanting Apparatus, using a controlled flow of water to promote the entrainment of arils and the decanting of the seeds.
First you need to smash the fruit on the table to loosen the arils, then when you open it up and squeeze it the arils should come out easily.
Aril said that aside from threats posed by pirates in nearby Sacol Island, the Badjao faced discrimination in Taluksangay.
The dead farmers were identified as Ramdas Dhale of Chicholi village, Ajabrao Meshram of Shivani village, Ramnna Pedkulwar of Aril village, all from Yavatmal district, Parvatibai Kadel of Poharadevi village in Washim district and Shriram Kakad of Sategaon village in Amaravati district.
The exhibition will continue for visitors till 28th Aril 2012.
Last Wednesday, Aril 11th, Israeli authorities arrested the peace activists Georgio and Abdul Aal from the old city in Hebron, while they were participating in Bi'in's seventh conference for popular resistance.
All except the berry or aril but be careful, the seed inside the aril is poisonous along with the leaf, stem and trunk.
Juice from the aril (seed cover) of the pomegranate can provide about 16% of an adult's daily vitamin C requirement per 100 ml serving.
sapida may be eaten raw (without the pink raphe attaching the aril to the seed) or after cooking when it resembles scrambled eggs.
The contest will be open from January 31, to Aril 3, 2011.