ARIMSArmy Records Information Management System
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NCO * Master Driver * Energy Conservation Officer * Air/Rail Load Specialist * Environmental Compliance Officer/NCO * ARIMS Records Coordinator * Gov't Purchase Card (GPC) Holder * Weight Control Program * Schools NCO * Barracks NCO * Command Supply Discipline Monitor * Retention NCO * Master Fitness Trainer * TMDE * Company Sponsorship NCO * Absentee Baggage Custodian * Army Emergency Relief * Unit Prevention Leader * AA&E Key Custodian * Hazmat Officer/NCO * Unit Movement Officer * COMSEC Custodian * Equal Opportunity Leader * Physical Security Officer/NCO * Master Resiliency Trainer * SHARP * Safety Officer/NCO * Voting Assistance Officer * Unit Claims Officer Figure 3 shows the disposition of grades in the signal Company from FY05 to FY16.
A pertinent example of a le drawer system is the one used by the US Department of Army called ARIMS (The Army Record Information Management System) that is applied to all unclassified Army records, including For Official Use Only (FOUO), regardless of medium, as well as to all Army records classified as SECRET (US Army Department: 2007).
The records being collected by the Center of Military History will be considered permanent historical records that must be retired through ARIMS, according to AR 25-400-2.