ARISCAdvanced Risc
ARISCArmy Reserve Intelligence Support Center
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The command is also in the middle of a pilot program in conjunction with the 116th MI Brigade focused on establishing the brigade's converged architecture in the MIRC's Southeastern ARISC.
Third, the ARISCs, as part of the Joint Reserve Intelligence Program enterprise, are provisioned with JWICS, SIPR, NIPRNET, NSAnet and FSE support by the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA).
Additionally, despite the fact that ARISCs have robust connectivity, the current reality is that units cannot run DCGS-A over DIA provisioned SIPR and JWICS.
The MIRC has always been a Foundry participant and its five main ARISCs are Army Foundry sites.
This program is focused on improving units' METL proficiency and Soldier readiness through collective training conducted at ARISC platforms and during LET/OIS missions.
Recognizing the future requirements, the MIRC and the Southeastern ARISC are leading the development of a PED Program of Instruction (POI) that is feasible within the environment of the AR MI forces (fits the typical training days of an AR MI Soldier and still train and qualify those Soldiers on PED).
This program provides technical intelligence training by an experienced ARISC cadre of full-time trainers to AR, ARNG, and AC MI Soldiers.
The Intelligence Readiness Operational Capability (IROC) concept, begun in 2010, assisted greatly in adding Army MI communications to ARISC sites.
Not only is AR MI establishing new units, it must reorganize most of its existing units, while relocating many to better leverage ARISC sites for training, OIS, and relevance to the Army IC's requirements.