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ARITAmerican Research Institute in Turkey (Istanbul and Ankara, Turkey)
ARITAssociation pour la Recherche et l'Information sur les Toxicomanies
ARITAmerican Registry of Inhalation Therapists (est. 1960)
ARITAntiphlogistic-Rheologic Infusion Therapy (Bell's palsy treatment)
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While many head to Hong Kong and Macau, Arit said a hefty 30 million Chinese traveled beyond these favored stomping grounds last year.
Florczyk examines the major influence EH s early involvement with the Red Cross had on his later writings about Italy and the Great War, including his Toronto Star journalism, iot, 70T, SAR, FTA, ARIT, and elsewhere.
Demonstrating EH's later styles, examines texts such as THHN and ARIT, pointing to successful and failed experiments with compound-complex structure, point of view, and narrative voice.
On the function of place and cultural displacement in EH's novels, including SAR, FTA, FWBT, ARIT, and OMS.
Baker omits the "and" from Across the River and Into the Trees, making its abbreviation ARIT.
Argues that after the failure of ARIT, EH revised his techniques to create greater distance between himself and his characters, ultimately resulting in his becoming one of the greatest writers of the modernist period.
Discusses the progression of EH's major works, including SAR, AFTA, DIA, THHN, FWBT, ARIT, and OMATS, within the context of 20th century, avant-garde Paris.
Reveals his intimate relationship with Adriana Ivancich, the beautiful Italian teenager who served as the inspiration for Renata in ARIT.
Gives passing commentary on the ultra masculine Morgan of THHN and Cantwell of ARIT.
Includes references to TOS, ARIT, SAR, MF, AFTA, and many others.