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Thus, in the elevated plus maze, females normally show greater locomotor activity and time spent in the open arms (Elliott et al.
The effect of the flight (a smooth and agile trajectory) over the hurdle is largely determined by the body posture, control, and mastery of the lift-off from the ground (an exaggerated step up with good arms-legs coordination with focus on the arm action and body lean).
The ARM-Synopsys RTL to GDSII reference design flow will be available in November 2001 to ARM Partners as an Implementation Guide for the ARM946E-S microprocessor core, along with supporting scripts.
Finally, an investor who pays more than par value for an ARM may find himself or herself in a pickle if interest rates decline significantly.
Latissimus dorsi -- adducts, medially rotates, and extends the arm.
The ARM AudioDE audio processor is a best-in-class digital audio solution for designers of portable audio devices.
As in the freestyle, you may obtain more pulling surface by bending the arm at the elbow at the beginning of each stroke.
Mentor Graphics Seamless processor support packages for the complete family of ARM processors, including the ARM Cortex-M3 processor and ARM11 MPCore multiprocessor, are priced at $45,000.
As for us, SPIRIT will continue to extend its reputed portfolio of solutions tuned for ARM platforms.
D2 has also joined the ARM Connected Community, which is a global network of companies aligned to provide a complete solution for products based on the ARM architecture.
We are currently designing SoCs with ARM processors and AMBA interconnect, using transaction-level SystemC models in CoWare's ESL tools," said Mr.