ARMCArrowhead Regional Medical Center (Colton, CA)
ARMCAlpena Regional Medical Center (Alpena, MI)
ARMCAustin and Repatriation Medical Centre (est. 1995; Australia)
ARMCAmerican Rental Management Company (Waldorf, Maryland)
ARMCAudit Risk Management Committee (various locations)
ARMCAtlantic Regional Medical Center (Pomona, NJ)
ARMCAfrican Resources Management Constellation (international project)
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Algeria has been using mouse brain rabies vaccine made in Algeria and is starting to use the cell culture vaccine; however, according to the Paris ARMC (in charge of 16.
ARMC elected to work with a single-source cabling provider to facilitate a smooth system installation, assist in following California building codes, satisfy the building's earthquake-readiness, and to provide the cabling performance to support high-end network tools and medical systems.
The clinical staff selected this infusion system to use at ARMC.
1] To ensure its leadership position in Northeast Georgia, ARMC, Inc.
Fitch believes ARMC has debt capacity at its current rating level.
ARMC has not designed an imaging/branding campaign in many years and due to
This indicator provides trend information from the ARMC Patient Response Survey.
It is important for families to understand that drowning is quick and silent, you won't hear a splash," said Cathy Dudick, MD, trauma surgeon, ARMC.
Mark Miller of ARMC and an unveiling of the famous "Unconditional Surrender" sculpture.
Brent Cope, chief executive officer of ARMC, said HMS' familiarity with community hospitals was a deciding factor in the hospital's decision.
The County of San Bernardino on behalf of Arrowhead Regional Medical Center, hereafter referred to as ARMC , is seeking proposals from interested and qualified Proposers to provide Pharmaceutical Home Care Services.