ARMGAntibiotic Resistance Marker Gene (genetics)
ARMGAutomated Rail Mounted Gantry Crane (shipping)
ARMGAccounts Receivable Management Group (US Department of Education)
ARMGActual Fuel Remaining (aviation)
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Meanwhile, in line with market demand, Container Terminal 4 (T4) will take delivery of 13 STS cranes, which are dual hoist tandem models able to lift a combined weight of 120 tonnes and 35 ARMG cranes that are the double cantilever/double truck lane types able to handle twin-lift containers to a combined weight of 70 tonnes.
RMG Kwinana red mud + 10% w/w gypsum ARMG Kwinana red mud + 10% w/w gypsum exposed to weather ~4 years LRMG Pinjarra red mud + 5% w/w gypsum with leaching to remove salts LRM Pinjarra red mud leached with dilute acid Table 2.
They will also comprise nearly all of the 50 ARMG crane operations team.