ARMISAutomated Reporting and Management Information System (FCC)
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4) The data sources for this comparison are FCC ARMIS 43-01 Reports and USTA 1994b.
2000 Biennial Regulatory Review--Comprehensive Review of the Accounting Requirements & ARMIS Reporting Requirements for Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers: Phase 2, Report and Order and Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, 16 F.
Within ARMIS the federal rate-of-return is calculated by dividing the net return by the net investment.
These figures were calculated by taking the sum of ARMIS row 1910, average net investment, for the 150 large independent phone companies in the ARMIS database and dividing this by the sum of ARMIS row 1915, Net Return, for the same 150 companies.
Lucent's switch set a new record by becoming the only switch in the history of the ARMIS Report that has achieved six 9s availability per switch, per year for five straight years
The FCC ARMIS Report is the most authoritative source for comparing switching equipment suppliers in the world," said Art Menko, president of BPI Telcodata, a global telecommunications analyst firm.
Data from the FCC's 1997 ARMIS (Automatic Reporting Management and Information System) Report reveals that among four major switch manufacturers, the 5ESS Switch was the most reliable in four standard performance categories.
Data from the ARMIS report shows the number of incidents and minutes that a switch failed during the previous calendar year.
Analysis of the ARMIS data considers unscheduled failures attributable to manufacturers and reveals that Lucent's 5ESS Switch was the most reliable in four areas:
Bundling WebConsole with our ARMIS has resulted in approximately 88 to 9 percent reduction in customers total cost of ownership," said Japeh Yousefi, CEO of ISmart.