ARMPACAmericans for a Republican Majority Political Action Committee
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In a second component of the complaint, ARMPAC appears to qualify as a "related entity" to TRMPAC under IRS regulations, since the groups share a principal officeholder, but ARMPAC has not declared any such relationship in its IRS filings.
ARMPAC (Americans for a Republican Majority Political Action Committee), Brown-Waite's largest contributor, is headed by House Majority Leader Tom Delay, who has been censured by the House ethics committee twice in the last week.
Unless my opponent condones the behavior censured by the ethics committee, she must refund the contributions she received from ARMPAC and Tom Delay," Whittel said.
According to CREW, on the 8872 for the first quarter of 2002, ARMPAC reported US Tobacco as a contributor, but failed to include Bacardi.