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ARMSAMDF (Army Master Data File) Retrieval Microform System
ARMSAtlantic Research Marketing Systems
ARMSAutomated Records Management System
ARMSAgricultural Resource Management Study
ARMSAviation Reconfigurable Manned Simulator
ARMSAdvanced Respiratory Monitoring System
ARMSAviation Resource Management Survey
ARMSArcadia Middle School
ARMSAnnual Reliability and Maintainability Symposium
ARMSArmament Retooling Manufacturing Support (US Army)
ARMSArchitecture for Reliable Managed Storage
ARMSAviation Resource Management System
ARMSAutomatic Records Management System
ARMSAutomated Review Management System (USACE)
ARMSAutomated Review Management System
ARMSAerial Reconnaissance Multi-Sensor (US DoD)
ARMSAdvocates Reforming Medical Standards
ARMSArea Radiation Monitoring System
ARMSAccess Request Management System (Sprint)
ARMSArmy Readiness Management System
ARMSAgile Remote Mission Squad (gaming)
ARMSAmerican River Management Society
ARMSAsset Redeployment Management System (EquipNet)
ARMSAutomation Resource Management System
ARMSAutomated Requisition Management System
ARMSAdvanced Real-time Ramp Metering System
ARMSAutomated Requirements Management System
ARMSAlliance for Regional Military Support
ARMSAutomated Resources Management System
ARMSAPSAC Reocclusion Multicenter Study
ARMSAutomated Robotic Maintenance System
ARMSAdvanced Robotics Manipulation System
ARMSAutonomic Replication Management Service
ARMSAutomated Retrieval Mail Service
ARMSAircrew Resource Management System
ARMSAir Refueling Management System
ARMSAutomated Reticle Metrology System
ARMSAerial Radiological Measurement and Survey
ARMSAccounting Record Management System
ARMSAutomated Request Management System
ARMSAutomated Routing and Maintenance System
ARMSAmmunition Reporting Management System
ARMSAll Radio Marketing Study
ARMSAccepting Responsible Male Strengths
ARMSAviation Resources Management System
ARMSAircraft Readiness Maintainability Simulator
ARMSAutomatic Data Processing Equipment Resources Management System
ARMSAlveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma (cancer)
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In contrast to the effects of CPF on working and reference memory errors, there were no alterations in latency (time per arm entry; data not shown).
Efforts to eliminate collected and surplus stocks of Albanian arms began in earnest on September 7, 2000, when then U.
Once again, the action of the arms plays a fundamental role.
bishops comment, "The pre-dominant role of our own country in sustaining and even promoting the arms trade, sometimes for economic reasons, is a moral challenge for our nation.
One of the hospitable parts of the continent that Royce had in mind is Liberia, where arms dealers, drug traffickers, Eastern European mobsters, and mercenaries have all found safe haven under Taylor.
Due to the Gulf War, the Iraqi economy can no longer sustain an arms race.
ARMs are also a fine alternative for IRA or 401 (k) investors who want to move out of guaranteed investment contracts because of their concerns about the quality of the underlying institution.
From a straight-armed position with a relatively narrow grip, pull the arms upward as high as possible with the elbows flared outward.
All commercial exporters of arms in the United States must be registered as brokers and submit each transaction for government licensing approval.
With these new ATAP members now qualified as ARM Approved Design Centers, we have more than 600 engineers who are able to support ARM Powered(TM) SoC development activity, in any region and any time zone around the world.
Streamlining with flutter kick on back, using arms (three kicks to each arm stroke), count strokes after passing flags to wall.
For ARM and our Silicon Partners, it is critical that we reduce the simulation overhead by executing a 'smarter' simulation methodology.