ARMZAtomredmetzoloto (Russian Minerals Company)
ARMZacute regulatory mixing zone
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Rosatom acquired a 51% stake in Toronto-listed Uranium One in 2010 through its 100%-owned subsidiary ARMZ Uranium Holding Co.
Inspired by the success stories of Uranium One and Mantra Resources, we believe that ARMZ may follow the same path by acquiring foreign companies to develop its REE expertise.
The planned purchase offers for a non-solicitation treaty from Uranium One and ARMZ with a "right to match".
The company is likely to use funds from the offering to pay its Russian parent ARMZ for the Mkuju River project in Tanzania.
The unit has more range, and replaces the ARMZ unit ("AT&T Remote Mobility Zone"), which AT&T originally deployed over a week ago, at the request of the Lake County Sheriff's office.
With this in mind we note that should ARMZ or any other party decide to take control of a company, it would likely have to offer a certain premium to persuade shareholders to sell their stakes.
As well as starting to work with AREVA, the following month, ARMZ stated that they were also in talks with Canadian based Cameco Corp about potential uranium projects in Africa and Australia.
ARMZ believes that recent events in Japan are likely to have a strong adverse effect on Mantra.
AUTOMATED RISK MANAGEMENT ZONE - ARMZ - is GCS's scientific credit scoring application backed by years of correlation analysis and synchronized and validated against S&P, MOODYS and FITCH long term ratings to deliver GCS credit quality ratings for all public companies not just companies with bonds outstanding.
In 2008, ARMZ expected to produce 3,880 tonnes of uranium, with output forecast to grow to 4,300 tonnes in 2009.
Furthermore, PIMCU's main shareholder, ARMZ, recently struck a deal to gain control of Canada's Uranium One and has expressed a desire to explore uranium mining opportunities in Africa.