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ARNeAcademic Research Network
ARNEAnthropomorphic Robot of New Era
ARNEAdministration des Ressources Naturelles et de l'Environnement (French: Administration of Natural Resources and the Environment; Belgium)
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To me, Arne Frank is the perfect choice for the future of AAK, says Jerker Hartwall.
I've realized that so many of my life experiences have prepared me for the role of Wild Guide," Arne said.
On the morning of November 8, led by Arne and his comrades of the 1st Edgar Andre Battalion (named for the Communist leader murdered by Hitler), the International Brigade marched through Madrid to the deafening cheers of enormous throngs.
Our recent association with Visionaire Energy reinforces this approach to core competence as we add the impressive qualifications of Johnny Christiansen, Per Arne Lislien and Morgan Lunde to our management team.
Arne de Vet examined whether talking less and taking more time to quietly think by oneself could influence innovation.
Arne found a job on a farm near Beulah, Manitoba--to learn English and earn a few dollars.
TEAMWORK: John Arne Riise shopping in Liverpool with wife Guri and their daughter
Liverpool spokesman Ian Cotton added: ``We have supplied all the documentation that the agent required to prove that John Arne Riise is employed abroad.
NASBE and state board of education members congratulate Arne Duncan on his selection as the next U.
currently chairman of the board and chief executive officer, as executive chairman and chairman of the board, and named Arne Sorenson, currently president and chief operating officer, as president and chief executive officer.
The English club produced a stunning performance to defeat champions Barcelona with goals from Bellamy and John Arne Riise, the player he threatened with a golf club during a bust-up at a training camp in Spain last week.
And we couldn't have more deserving first-time winners than Arne and Steffi Siegel.